Top 10 Most Important/Influential Albums of All Time Part 2

After the success of the first installment of this set of lists I felt I needed to do a part 2 to cover some of my other favorite artists.  In case you missed the original premise of this, I was thinking that it might be an interesting prospect to see what were some of the most important and influential albums of all time when it comes to some of the undeground's notable luminaries.  These are lists that are not necessarily the favorite albums from each individual, but the albums that played pivotal roles in shaping our journies throughout our lives.  Hopefully these lists will give you a little more insight into these artists while at the same time broadening your own musical horizons.

Guest list from T. Ciekals of Djevel/Nettlecarrier

Merciless- The Awakening  I bought this on cd when i saw it at the local black metal store in Stavanger where i grew up. The reason i got it was because one of the guys in the band wore a Bathory shirt on the bandpicture- Then it had to be good.  and it was!

A-ha - Scoundrel Days  Waay ahead of their time . I got this when i was 7 and I remember me and my mother went downtown every Saturday and asked  the dude in the recordstore the same question over and over again in weeks; Has the new A-ha cassette arrived? How else would we know in 1986?

Bathory- Under the Sign of the Black Mark  The first black metal album i bought and to this day I hold it as my all time fave no matter genres. Absolutely amazing.

Entombed- Left Hand Path  This album sums up for me what death metal is all about. I still remember how strange I thought it was that the first print of the cd had pink Entombed logo, that did NOT make sense haha. Class from start to end.

Darkthrone- Under A Funeral Moon  The sound of evil and probably the only album that makes the temperature in the room  drop.

Gehenna- Seen Through the Veils of Darkness, 2nd Spell  This album is important to me since it represents a period for the black metal crew in Stavanger where me and the Gehenna guys are from. I played in Neetzach and we shared rehearsel room with Gehenna. Listening to it takes me back to the time when we  attended  Gehenna rehearsels and worshipped Satan. Magnificent.

Sonic Youth- Dirty  I have always been into indie music like Sonic youth. This album is just fantastic with the short punky stuff combined with the longer mesmerizing tracks. Kim Gordon probably did some of her best work on this album. Timeless.

Isengard- Vinterskugge  This album took me by real surprise when it was released. In Stavanger (on the west coast of Norway) the rumor about Darkthrone was that they would do one more album after Under a funeral moon and then disappear. So all of a sudden getting this album was a thrill Once again i was in the local black metal store and the owner told me he had an album i might like- I was especially amazed by the track Dommedagssalme. Sadly the titletrack was made "popular" by lots of ignorant and lame kids and was in many ways the beginning of the end back then, at least for me.  I remember I took it with me to school and played the track "Ut i Vannets dyp Hvor Morket Hviler" EXTREMELY loud in the cantina so all the kids had to eat their lunch listening to it haha. They all complained but I was in charge of the music that day as we took turns on that, so there was nothing they could do. That was  the last time i was allowed near the stereo.

Enslaved- Vikingligr Veldi  Their best work ever. The repetitive riffs on this album is extremely good. All the songs except from Heimdallr is more than ten minutes long and  the riffs  just keeps on and on without ever getting boring. I remember buying this album together with the second Abruptum album ; In Umbra....." and  it took weeks before i listened to Abruptum as I could not stop listening to this enslaved album.

Immortal- Pure Holocaust  This was the album that really gave blastbeats a face for me. The rumors said that Abbath fainted in the studio from exhaustion haha.  First of all I liked the fact that they had changed their drummer since he looked so lame on the  Diabolical album cover and sort of disturbed my impression of Immortal. Back then it was almost more important to look cool and evil than being able to play good.... stupid but true.  The violence combined with atmosphere is sublime on these tracks and the way the chords are used was very new to me. I ordered this from Osmose when it was released together with a shirt I remember got me in trouble at school since everybody thought I was promoting the Nazi Holocaust.  Obviously I thought this was good since it made me come off as more evil. 

Portishead- Dummy  In 1996 when I stopped listening to only black metal this was probably the album i listened to most. It has a darkness and sadness to it that appealed to me very much and still does.  It's so dark and chill and sometimes almost has a religious feeling. I am really into dark jazzy stuff and this album has the perfect amount of that combined with nice beats

Satyricon- Dark medieval times  I first heard this on the "Det Svarte Alvor" documentary on Norwegian television just before it was released and I instantly took the bus downtown and tried to find it in the local black metal store, but he had no idea what I was asking about, but two weeks later the album came out and it all fell into place. For me it's a perfect Norwegian black metal album full of moods and atmosphere.

Guest List from Fredrick of Entrench 

Iron Maiden-A Real Live One
  The first album I ever bought. This got me into metal and music in general.  Not the best live album at all, but it has its moments and has meant a lot.

Kreator-Terrible Certainty  Quite obvious on my list. The past aggression and the ability of the future meets in a mash of madness.

Black Sabbath-S/T  This album(and the rest of early Sabbath) got me to pick up the guitar again when I realized that I actually could play the songs that I loved. I had tried earlier to play Maiden tunes but failed miserably and quit.

Ritual Sacrifice-The Early Years compilation  This blew my mind when I bought it in 2007, this is probably the cd that I've worn out most in the last 6 years. Love everything about it, it just simply kills.  Also the lyrics have made a huge impact on my own writing.

Accept-Balls To The Wall Memories This is the soundtrack to my youth, i can't even think back without hearing this stuff in my head. Great for booze filled nostalgic trips today.

Helloween-S/T MLP  This was a huge influence early on. Kai Hansen is better than you, me, everybody! One of my all time favourite recordings.

Candlemass-Epicus Doomicus Metallicus  Like many others, this is the album that introduced me to doom. For good and for bad times, this one never fails.

Merciless-The Awakening  No superlatives enough to describe Roggas vocals. My biggest vocal influence.

Death-Spiritual Healing  The introduction to death metal I believe, this album is still one of my favourites.

Blind Guardian-Battalions of Fear  Much like early Helloween this was a major reason why Entrench was started in the first place.

Guest List of Kim of Infant Death

Judas Priest = Sad Wings of Destiny
Carcass = Symphonies of Sickness
Napalm Death = From Enslavement To Obliteration
Mayhem = Live in Leipzig
Terrorizer = World Downfall
Hans Rotmo = Varres Jul
Nuclear Death = Bride of Insect
Deathstrike = Fuckin Death
Mercyful Fate = Don't Break The Oath
Nuclear Assault = Game Over

Guest list from Jeffrey Mhaghnuis of Ptahil/Demonic Christ

1. IRON MAIDEN - Number of the Beast  This was the release that started it all for me. Watching the video for the song "Number of the Beast" on some midnight video show, Night Flight I think it was. My Grandmother starts to panic & turned off the tv so I only caught a glimmer of the first verse into "6-6-6, the Number of the Beast", making the aura of Heavy Metal music for me the arcane secret, not only holding evil but unknown knowledge as well.

2. DIO - The Last in Line  I was first exposed to this by the "We Rock" video. This is also one of the first times I can remember feeling powerful from the music. I always knew there was something special about music & my connection with it. I always felt a presence surrounding music. But this was like being super charged with something not just positive, but a good feeling to stand one's ground and to carve one's own path. Something great for me to get ready to before I went to school to deal with all the shitheads. "We Rock" & "The Last in Line" were always listened to in the morning & the rest of the cassette was played on my headphones at night. Laying in bed letting the magic of Dio's music helped me to escape.

3. SLAYER - Show No Mercy  I remember getting this cassette as an appeasement to behave on a trip out of town to some funeral wake that my Grandparents felt they had to attend. Listening to the song Black Magic on a night drive in heavily wooded areas on my way to see a dead body of someone I never met = AWESOME!

4. CELTIC FROST - To Mega Therion  I remember being hit with orchestration when this cassette started, then being hit in the face with "The Usurper". HEY!  To Mega Therion was a killer release that made me instantly snag up Morbid Tales and Into The Pandemonium. All being a bit different from each release was very interesting to me. I still cannot forgive them threw their L.A. Tampon Phase. But those 3 releases are great.

5. BATHORY - Under the Sign of the Black Mark  This is one of those releases in my collection that I had to eventually get several copies of over time due to constant use. "Woman of Dark Desires"; "Equimanthorn"; "Enter the Eternal Fire" Come on!  Driving in the hills of western Pennsylvania & West Virginia to this cassette at midnight to the break of dawn was one of the greatest times in my life. Stopping on abandoned roads & blaring this from my car and sitting in the dark woods at night.

6  MINOR THREAT - Out of Step

7. BLACK FLAG- Slip It In

8. CHARGED GBH - Leather Bristles, No Survivors & Sick Boys  These 3 releases of, Minor Threat; Black Flag; & GBH all hit me at once in High School when I made friends with a punker from the next town over. Saturday afternoons skateboarding, playing in a hardcore band called, The Cretins (Thank You Troma) and watching Flipside Video Issues. Those were the days.

9. DARK THRONE - A Blaze in the Northern Sky  This release, for me was my introduction to Norwegian Black Metal music. I loved Soulside Journey as far as Death Metal goes & picked this up thinking it was going to be another great Death Metal release. But found it to be something far, far darker. Soon after I heard all the Norwegian church burning stories. Mayhem & Burzum soon followed in my collection.

10. MAYHEM - De Mysteriis Dom Satanas  This release was EVIL! So evil members died & killed each other during it's creation. Churches got burnt to the ground, lives were ruined, and the world is a much darker place since MAYHEM recorded this album. You can hear the malevolence seeping over in tracks like "Pagan Fears"; "Funeral Fog"; "Freezing Moon" &  "De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas".

Guest list from Pete Slate of Druid Lord

1. Kiss - Kiss Alive -  I remember being in about the 4th grade and a kid in my class brought in the double LP and booklet for "Show and Tell." The album cover was so amazing to me and the booklet had color live shots of each member. I was totally blown away seeing Gene spitting blood and Ace playing his guitar. So, not to long after my friend brought it over I heard the tracks "Rock Bottom", "Parasite", and "Got to Choose." I was hooked from that moment on. I had a fascination/obsession with the band for years after until about the "Unmasked" period.

2. Black Sabbath  - Master of Reality -  The one thing about having older brothers is the fact that they give or pass things down to you over the years. My brother not wanting his record collection gave me a number or LP's. I was about 10 I think. So I see this Black album cover with huge purple letters. I had heard the name Black Sabbath but never really listened to them except for the songs on the radio. So I get this LP and it's dirty as hell. My friend at the time "Tracy "grabs the album and washes it with soap and water. I was thinking like "what the hell." To my surprise the album looked great and sounded great. When that needed hit the vinyl, I got shivers down my spine. At this point I had heard nothing so heavy as the "Master of Reality" album. This was the point I knew that I wanted to be a guitar player.

3. AC/DC - Powerage - I remember going into a Kmart as a kid buying the "Back in Black" album when it came out. There was all this hype around the band. I jammed the hell out of the record. So that nest Christmas II asked my mom for the "Powerage" and "High Voltage" LP's. I never, ever thought she would purchase these for me since she wasn't a rock n roll fan, but to my surprise I got both. Both of these albums are my favorite AC/CD records, but Powerage is my ultimate choice. The raw power of "Rock n Roll Damnation, Down Payment Blues, and Sin City." Such a great album. In fact I had a cover band back in early high school that played "Sin City" live...good times.

4. Uriah Heep - Demons and Wizards - This was one of those used record store finds for me when I was about 13. Totally was into the Rodger Dean  gatefold album cover. That album while not as heavy as let's say Black Sabbath" still kicked ass. I used to like all the cool studio shots of the band on the inside cover. This is one of those LP's that I still listen to today.

5. Slayer - Haunting the Chapel - I remember walking into a Peaches Records in 1984 and the album had just come out. At this point I had not bought their "Show No mercy" record so this was my first listen to the band. When I put my huge "Radio Shack" headphones on and heard "Chemical Warfare" I was like what the hell is this? So fast, heavy, raw...I didn't know how to take it at first. The album grew on me in fact I think I played it every day for month. Anytime I saw the name Hanneman (RIP) or King on the lyrics I knew it was going to kick ass. Still one of my Slayer favorites.

6. Metallica - Ride the Lighting - I wore my damn turntable out on this one. James and Cliff. Man watching those dudes bang their heads in unison was an inspiration within itself.

7. Celtic Frost - Too Mega Therion - To this day I still worship CF. This was the epic album. Giger gatefold album, heavy production, killer band photos. Frost is my #1 inspirational albums for playing heavy music. Druid Lord draws a lot from frost. In high school not many people even heard of CF so I would purposely crank the cassette as loud as I could in the school parking lot. Screw you Bon Jovi.

8. Possessed - Beyond the Gates - My #2 most inspiration album. For most it was "Seven Churches." I also dig that album but "Beyond..." showed a lot more progression in terms of music. Yes the production was just weird but the guitar riffs, Jeff's vocals, the leads totally make that album. Possessed is one of my all time favorite bands. No one has ever come close to sounding like Jeff. Total metal worship here.

9. Mayhem - De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas - Mayhem!!!!!! My true favorite Black Metal band of all time. I was playing metal during this period. This is before I joined up in Acheron. I was a huge "Dead" fan. Anything he recorded sounded so damn awesome. When he committed suicide I really thought that was it. In fact I remember reading old zines with interviews with Mayhem and writing to the band. In fact I still have a letter from Dead. Anyway, after  the murder of Euronymous, it seemed everyone loved Mayhem but for me it was more that than. I truly felt the cold vibe of the music.  When this LP finally came out I was totally impressed with Atilla's vocals and the music was still has haunting and sinister as ever.

10. Massacre - From Beyond - What's not to like about this album. It's one of the best death metal albums of all time. Yes, i also dig old Death but "From Beyond" was great. Lee's vocals still to this day cannot be matched. Rozz's guitar sound was so fucking heavy back then. I remember seeing them in a club in FL and his whammy bar solo broke a wine glass at the bar...true story. I mean this is the rhythm section from the Leprosy album. What is not to like? Also, I loved the writing style of the lyrics on this album. Classic.

The last few bands were more personal favorites than inspirational but I had to list them. When I think inspirational I think "this is what got me to play music and influence my style." I would say that Possessed, Celtic Frost, and Black Sabbath really had the biggest effect on my guitar playing. There is always Bathory, Necrovore, Venom, UFO, and the list could go on and on.......

Guest List of Eric of Akitsa/TheSyre/Beast Within/Pohjast

Iron Maiden = Powerslave
Bathory = Hammerheart
Ministry = Psalm 69
Burzum = Filosofem
Sodom = Persecution Mania
Laibach = Nova Akropola
Darkthrone = Transilvanian Hunger
Kreator = Extreme Aggression
Cathedral = Forest Of Equilibrium
Godflesh = Streetcleaner