Brad's Top 20 Black Metal Albums of All Time
(In no particular order)
I figure of all my lists, this will be the most controversial as it is so hard to think of what and where we define the category of black metal.  Also I feel that of the musical styles I cover this is the one people feel the most passionate about.  As usual I am only using one album per band though I may feel that certain bands would have many albums on this list otherwise and I am not including bootlegs or demo recordings otherwise an artist like VON would certainly have made it as well as Hellhammer's Satanic Rites CD.

Darkthrone = A Blaze in the Northern Sky
Immortal = Diabolical Fulllmoon Mysticism
Marduk = Those of the Unlight
Rotting Christ = Thy Mighty Contract
Burzum = S/T
Samael = Blood Ritual
Master's Hammer = Ritual
Dissection = The Somberlain
Bathory = The Return
Celtic Frost = To Mega Therion
Mayhem = De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas
Gorgoroth = Pentagram
Beherit = Drawing Down the Moon
Carpathian Forest = Black Shining Leather
Tormentor = Anno Domini
Venom = Black Metal
Satyricon = Dark Medieval Times
Gehenna = First Spell
Hellhammer = Apocalyptic Raids
Emperor = IN the Nightside Eclipse