Brad's Top 20 Death Metal Albums of All Time
(In no particular order)

Morbid Angel = Altars of Madness
Entombed = Left Hand Path
Autopsy = Mental Funeral
Darkthrone = Soulside Journey
Carnage = Dark Recollections
Dismember = Like an Everflowing Stream
Deicide = S/T
Obituary = Slowly We Rot
Boltthrower = Realm of Chaos
Carcass = Symphonies of Sickness
Paradise Lost = Lost Paradise
Convulse = World Without God
Unanimated = In the Forest of the Dreaming Dead
Death = Scream Bloody Gore
Cadaver = Hallucinating Anxiety
Asphyx = The Rack
Edge of Sanity = The Unorthodox
At the Gates = The Red in the Sky is Ours
Immolation = Dawn of Possession
Grave = You'll Never See