Brad's Top 20 Hardcore Albums of All Time
(In no particular order)
I figure of all my lists, this will be the most controversial as it is so hard to think of what to include and where to draw the line.  No 7"s, but EPs count.  And with their being so many discographies out there, I tried to refrain from using any of them (Except for Undertow).  

Turning Point = It's Always Darkest Before the Dawn
Unbroken = Life, Love, Regret
Judge = Bringing it Down
Gorilla Biscuits = Start Today
Strife = One Truth
Earth Crisis = Firestorm
Outspoken = The Current
Chain of Strength = The One Thing That Still Holds True
411 = This Isn't Me
Bold = Looking Back
Verbal Assault = S/T
Congress = Blackened Persistence
Inside Out = No Spiritual Surrender
Lash Out = What Absence Yields
Morning Again = As Tradition Dies Slowly
Undertow = Everything
Damnation AD = No More Dreams Of Happy Endings
Cro-Mags = Age of Quarrel
Mouthpiece = What Was Said
Sheer Terror = Just Can't Hate Enough