Brad's Top 20 Old School Thrash Albums of All Time
(In no particular order)

Slayer = Show No Mercy
Forbidden = Twisted Into Form
Dark Angel = Darkness Descends
Kreator = Endless Pain
Sodom = Persecution Mania
Atrophy = Violent By Nature
Sepultura = Beneath the Remains
Sacrifice = Soldiers of Misfortune
Nuclear Assault = Handle With Care
Burnt Offering = S/T
Testament = Practice What you Preach
Overkill = Years of Decay
Assassin = Upcoming Terror
Slaughter = Strappado
Demolition Hammer = Torture Existence
Holy Terror = Terror and Submission
Hobbs Angel of Death = S/T
Metal Church = S/T
Annihilator = Alice in Hell
Morbid Saint = Spectrum of Death