Total Fucking Obliteration 7"

Duplicate Records 2005

I just can't believe my ears.  I think Norway is the new Tampa.  Here we have yet another in recent slew of quality death metal bands to claw their way out of the cold northern hell called Norway.  Obliteration though might just be the best and most convincing of them all.  They present us with a blistering 4 song 7" that is a great view into their brand of pounding yet technical death metal.  It is very reminiscent of New York and Tampa styled death metal.  It is very blasting without the melody of the European scene.  Many tempo changes within each song make this an interesting listen from start to finish.  I love the guitar squeals in the 4th track as they are sprinkled throughout the mosh inducing breakdown.  I would give the song names but I wasn't provided with a tracklisting with the promo.  My favorite song has to be the third track.  I am entranced by the swirling guitar riff around the 1:35 mark that transitions straight into an abrupt guitar solo.  My guess is the song is the title track since there appears to be a double vocalist assault that screams out "Total Fucking Obliteration!"  The production is dirty yet clear and powerful.  The vocals have a dry quality that remind me of some of the early American death metal 7"s like Incantation's or Mortician's.  I love the cover art on this 7".  It is kind of cartoon-ish but that foaming sea of death says it all.  I have heard that the guys average is 18 years or so which makes this product all the more impressive in my eyes.  They are all very talented with their instruments and especially in the songwriting department.  the Drummer has some killer fills throughout these 4 tracks.  Call me psychic but I think these youngters have a bright (dark) future ahead of them.