Ibex Throne

Total Inversion

GoatowaRex 2006

Standing head and shoulders above its predecessor, Total Inversion is a monument of hatred and despise towards humanity.  On Total Inversion, Ibex Throne manages to successfully blend the glacial coldness of Scandinavian black metal with the brutality of American Black and Death metal.  Crucified Whores (of the White Light) captures both of these facets perfectly as the song opens with a disharmonic guitar edict that quickly devolves into blasting of a most insidious nature.  Ibex Throne has come a long way in the five year interim between the self titled debut and Total Inversion.  The songs are a chaotic holocaust of antichristian/anti-human blasphemy that attack the listener mercilessly.  Insidious Wrath is my favorite song with its Darkthrone-esque Nordic riffing combined with insane drum rolls and blasting warrior rhythms.  Regression to Darkness is misleading as it begins with a melancholic passage then almost immediately hits you in the face like a hammer with audio machine gun fire.  Each song is unrelenting in its torrent of scorn for the ears as they unleash dizzying transformations from one metaphoric artillery barrage to the next.  As Lord Dying stated this was the first time they had left the studio without feeling anally raped and it really shows.  The guitar tones are crisp and cold, the drums firm and thunderous and the vocals commanding in their spitting of infernal vomit.  Total Inversion is eight tracks and is fairly long as all but one song clocks in at over six minutes long for a listening experience of over 55 minutes.  Total Inversion stands as a musical testament of Ibex Throne's hatred towards mankind.  No corner of the world is safe.