Above the Weeping World

Candlelight 2006

The Mournful way that Above the Weeping World starts off is a little misleading as it is quite an energetic album.  Borrowing Heavily from the Gothenburg school of melodic thrashing death metal Insomnium have tried to put their own stamp on it.  Insomnium is basically Finland's answer to Dark Tranquillity.  I say this because though they are melodic as hell, they have more artistic integrity and a higher level of craftsmanship than the commercial pandering of In Flames.  They also mimic Dark Tranquillity's accoustic guitar techniques and their keyboard stylings are uncanny.  Only one time do I truly feel that they try something mildly original is on the track 5, At the Gates of Sleep and that is when they incorporate Finnish melodies and some Moog into Gothenburg-isms sort of like a Dark Tranquillity and Amorphis melding.  Also track 7, Last Statement displays some subtle Katatonia-esque sorrow drenched passages.  Insomnium know how to write catchy songs that can be aggressive yet still remain ear pleasing.  The production is punchy and captures all the instruments in just the right mix making for a crunchy and potent combination.  The vocals are a little heavier and deeper than your standard Gothenburg band.  Above the Weeping World is good for what it is but in the end it offers nothing really new and unless you crave every single band that plays this style you will not find anything too tremendously interesting here.  So I recommend busting out your classic Dark Tranquillity albums and sitting back and enjoying those unless you are bored and need some new tunes.